Know Your Genotype

Mede-Pod, has partnered with Jugrace Diagnostics, a reputable laboratory in Nigeria, to offer reliable, affordable Sickle Solubility Genotype & Blood Group Testing, specially for Students.


Present this voucher with your Mede-Pod Referral Code for your test at Jugrace Diagnostics at:

39 Abibatu Street (Off Network Pole – By Fawole Junction) - Papa-Ashafa – Lagos State - Nigeria.

Contact Numbers: +234 703 503 7436 or +234 809 505 8250 

Do request for new vouchers for additional members of the family, friends or contacts, who may require a Sickle Solubility Genotype Test.

Wishing you a pain-free existence, excellent health, wellness and abundance.

The Mede-Pod Team

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